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Lab 2 Project - A cube in the space

Second lab completed!

Play the game -> Click here

My Name: Giacomo Mariani, aka Jack Marian

23-apr-2012 - START
30-apr-2012 - END of the Tutorial

Project description

The player drives a cube in the space who can shoot vertically and destroy asteroids that are randomly spawned on the top of the screen and move down to the bottom at random speeds.
Attack option: the player may gain a double shot if he takes a special shining green capsule.
Defense option: the player may enable shields to avoid damage, and could take special rose capsules to earn a life. If the player's lives are too low (arrive to 1) the cube spaceship go on fire, showing the player is in danger. If the player heal and return to 2 lives the fire stops.

Goal: the player gain points destroying asteroids, and win the game if he stays alive untile the countdown timer arrive to 0.

Project Goals (achieved)

  • Extra Socket to Fire With
    • Add an extra socket to fire from for the player
    • Make sure it becomes a ‘Double Shot’
  • Random Variables
    • Create a Random Speed for the Asteroids
    • Create a Random Scale for the Asteroids
  • Add a Pickup Item
    • Create a pickup item for the ‘Double Shot’
  • Extra Credit
    • Pickup Item for Lives
    • Player Feedback (Player Flashes if Hit)

Software Used: Unity 3d, Monodevelop

Final Thoughts

Another awesome project. I really enjoyed working on this, and I've already thought about many possible variations. When I finish the labs I plan to return on this and elaborate the gameplay. I would like to implement horizontal travel instead of vertical, allowing the player to go forward or backwards, and I want also to implement a "ground/terrain" where the player can "land". I plan also to develop new bullet types and some unlinear enemies who follow the player, and maybe fire to him.

Everything went smoothly, every the goals outside of the tutorial was a little challenging, but I enjoyed them all, especially the extra socket to fire and the "double shot pill".

I was planning to implement all the Extra Credit, but eventually I decided to avoid the standing cube and the progession of levels, since I was looking forward to the next lab.

Break down your Time:
Research: 2 hour (mainly on unity site, script references).
Art: 1 hour (sounds, colours, stars and some easy special effect)
Design: 2 hours (mainly the tutorial).
Coding: 6 hours (3/4 hours of tutorial).
Playtesting and bug fixing: 2 hours.

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